Cryptosmart: buy BHP to receive Bitcoin for life


A few days ago, Cryptosmart announced the launch of a token connected to Bitcoin miners. 

It is BHP (Bitcoin Hash Power), and it is a token that actually allows users to purchase hashpower for Bitcoin mining. 

Features and potential of the BHP token on Cryptosmart

Mining Bitcoin is very difficult now, and requires large investments. Whereas buying BHP tokens is very easy, and anyone can do it. 

Buying 1 BHP token means buying one Terahash per second of hashpower, and once purchased it can be staked in IBX’s mining farms, located in Iceland, in the US (Texas, New York) and in Canada. 

In this way, it is possible to participate in Bitcoin mining without having to do it firsthand, but still receive the rewards in BTC. 

IBX’s mining farms use different models of professional miners, such as Antminer XP 140T, S19 pro110T, S19J 104T, S19J100T, and Avalon 1246 90T, and they mine Bitcoin constantly. 

The BHP token is designed to be everlasting due to the periodic renewal of the technology infrastructure required to support its operation. 

IBX is committed to regularly monitoring and updating the underlying hardware, ensuring that it remains efficient and reliable over time.

This approach ensures the continued operation of the BHP token and preserves its value and usefulness over the long term. Thus, by purchasing BHP tokens, it is possible to receive Bitcoin for life

The BHP token is not yet tradable on the markets, but it can be purchased (minimum 10 tokens) on the Cryptosmart Launchpad and then staked in the appropriate section of the platform. The user will start receiving weekly rewards in BTC for life.

The BHP token allows individuals to accumulate BTC and have the potential for long-term gain: although Bitcoin prices are volatile, some investors believe their value will increase over time. 

If you accumulate Bitcoin through mining and their value increases over the years, the user could make more profit than buying BTC directly initially.