Circle has announced a new partnership with OVERDARE, to launch a Roblox-style metaverse that integrates payments in USD Coin (USDC). The mission is to revolutionize the world of mobile Web3 gaming. 

Circle announces the new Roblox-style metaverse with integrated payments in USD Coin (USDC)

Circle, the company behind the popular stablecoin USD Coin, announced a partnership with OVERDARE, the joint venture backed by KRAFTON and NAVER Z, to launch a Roblox-style metaverse.

The new platform aims to revolutionize the world of mobile gaming, integrating USDC payments and programmable wallets for OVERDARE’s game content creators. 

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with OVERDARE to revolutionize the world of mobile gaming. By integrating #USDC payments and our programmable wallets for OVERDARE’s game content creators, we are making it easier for game content creators to collaborate and build new experiences for users, and seamlessly receive digital payments using secure #Web3 wallets. This expansion of Web3 wallets not only enhances the gaming experience, but also lays the foundation for the future of mobile gaming. “We believe that this partnership will be a catalyst in shaping the future of digital entertainment, ultimately fostering an innovative Web3 environment for all.” – @jerallaire CEO and co-founder of Circle.

Basically, Circle’s programmable wallets will allow game content creators to easily create secure Web3 wallets within the game. Not only that, such wallets are already set up to receive USDC payments directly on the platform.    

The new Roblox-style metaverse will be called OVERDARE, and will be available to the public starting from the second half of 2024. 

Circle and OVERDARE: the Roblox-style metaverse will use USD Coin and other technologies

In addition to Circle’s programmable wallets and payments in USD Coin (USDC), OVERDARE will use a series of tools with other technologies. 

Among others, in fact, there are advanced generation functions based on AI (Artificial Intelligence), as well as integration of the Settlus layer1 blockchain.

Settlus has been specifically built within the Cosmos ecosystem, and aims to simplify interoperability between different blockchains, while maintaining a clear record of digital asset transactions. Its use will serve to simplify licenses for interactive creative content, allowing creators to demonstrate ownership of assets, grant licenses, and monetize their creations on the blockchain. 

Regarding the partnership with Circle, Henry Park, CEO of OVERDARE, stated:

“We are excited to unveil our partnership with Circle, a company known for its regulatory compliance and reliability. Their strong support ensures that we are able to support the creator economy and provide creators with reliable access to their earnings”

The stablecoin leaves the Tron blockchain

Recently, Circle has made headlines for announcing that their stablecoin USDC will no longer be supported on the Tron blockchain.

The decision was made as an adjustment of the group and as part of its risk strategy. Not only that, it is believed that Circle’s motivation is also due to a likely expansion of the company in the field. This would mean that USDC could soon abandon other blockchains as well.

It should also be noted that there is competition with the leader of stablecoins Tether (USDT) which, on the Tron blockchain, has a dominant position. 

Anyway, those who hold USDC on the Tron network will be able to officially redeem until February 2025, in order to redeem fiat currency or use other intermediary services available on CEX or in DeFi.