Coinbase International Exchange expands its reach.


Coinbase promotes its global expansion strategy with the introduction of non-US spot markets on Coinbase International Exchange.

This strategic move underscores Coinbase’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its growing global user base, while maintaining a constant focus on trust, security, and user-friendly interfaces.

The expansion of Coinbase International Exchange to non-US markets

The exchange, a leader in the crypto sector, has reached a significant milestone in its global expansion strategy: the introduction of non-US spot markets on Coinbase International Exchange.

This move reflects the platform’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its expanding global user base. It also adheres to its core principles of trust, security, and user-friendly interfaces.

Since its launch in May 2023, Coinbase International Exchange has experienced substantial growth, with over 100 institutions joining and reaching approximately $10 billion in perpetual futures trading volume during the third quarter. 

The platform has expanded its offering by introducing perpetual futures to eligible retail users on Coinbase Advanced in October 2023. 

Currently hosting 15 perpetual contracts that cover over 70% of the addressable perpetual futures market, Coinbase International Exchange has also increased the maximum leverage to 10x for all listed contracts.

The imminent expansion into spot markets represents a crucial phase in the evolution of Coinbase International Exchange. 

This initiative aims to provide perpetual futures traders with an enhanced trading experience. Additionally, it simultaneously offers global users increased access to a trusted non-US spot exchange.

The strategic positioning of servers in globally accessible locations is intended to substantially reduce latency barriers, contributing to a superior trading experience for users worldwide.

The global expansion strategy 

The launch of spot trading on Coinbase International Exchange will take place in multiple phases. Starting from Thursday, December 14th, the BTC-USDC and ETH-USDC pairs will be listed through API access exclusively for non-US institutional clients. 

The initial focus is on creating liquidity and building a solid foundation. Subsequent phases will involve expanding the product to include retail users, additional assets, and functionalities designed to facilitate new trading strategies and improve capital efficiency.

The expansion of Coinbase International Exchange aligns with Phase II of the “Go Broad, Go Deep” strategy. This move emphasizes international growth through innovative, efficient, and accessible products and services.

Recognizing the hesitation of some asset issuers and members of the crypto community to engage with US exchanges due to regulatory uncertainties, Coinbase International Exchange positions itself as a reliable and compliant non-US spot market for these participants.

It is important to note that Coinbase International Exchange is available exclusively for non-US customers in selected jurisdictions, with strict prohibitions for US customers. Additionally, crypto derivatives are not accessible to retail customers based in the United Kingdom.


In conclusion, the entry of Coinbase International Exchange into non-US spot markets marks a significant step in reshaping the landscape of the global cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

With its commitment to trust, innovation, and accessibility, Coinbase continues to set industry standards. The exchange announces a new era that promises better trading experiences and broader access for cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world.

Stay tuned for further developments: Coinbase International Exchange paves the way for a dynamic and inclusive future in the realm of digital assets.