Coinbase increases USDC balances on Base as TVL surpasses one billion dollars


In a strategic move aimed at taking advantage of lower fees and faster settlement times, Coinbase, one of the leading crypto exchanges, is gearing up to store a greater number of corporate and customer USDC balances on Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution. 

The decision comes as Base’s Total Value Locked (TVL) surpasses the impressive milestone of 1 billion dollars, indicating a significant increase in user deposits and activities within the ecosystem.

USDC Balances Increasing on Coinbase

Branzburg, vice president and head of consumer products at Coinbase, highlighted the benefits of using Base infrastructure, stating: “This allows us to manage and protect customer funds with lower fees and faster settlement times, without any impact on the Coinbase user experience”. 

The move underscores Coinbase’s commitment to leveraging innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency and provide a seamless experience to its users.

The announcement was positively received, with Base collaborator Jesse Pollak expressing enthusiasm and support for Coinbase’s decision. Pollak described the move as “grounded” and said he was excited to continue assisting Coinbase in its journey towards harnessing blockchain technology.

Base, built on the open-source OP Stack, has seen a significant surge in its Total Value Locked, reaching over 1 billion dollars. Defi Llama data reveals that user deposits on Base have more than doubled since the beginning of the month, going from 470 million dollars to over 1 billion. 

This exponential growth highlights the increasing adoption and trust in Base’s capabilities as a Layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum.

A significant portion of Base TVL can be attributed to the decentralized exchange Aerodrome, which has seen exponential growth since the beginning of February. The surge in transaction activity on Base, especially compared to other optimistic rollups like Arbitrum, highlights the increasing traction and utility of the platform in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

While Base has seen a surge in the number of transactions, the daily transaction volume of OP Mainnet has recorded a more modest increase. This divergence in transaction activity highlights the unique value proposition offered by Layer 2 solutions like Base, which prioritize scalability, lower fees, and faster transaction settlement times.

The reason behind Coinbase’s decision

The decision by Coinbase to store a greater number of USDC balances on Base is indicative of a broader trend towards adopting blockchain-based solutions for financial infrastructures. By leveraging the capabilities of Layer 2 scaling solutions, companies like Coinbase can streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Furthermore, Coinbase’s approval of Base could potentially pave the way for greater adoption by other companies and institutions within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As more entities recognize the benefits of on-chain solutions like Base, it is expected that momentum towards mainstream acceptance and use of blockchain technology will accelerate.

In conclusion, Coinbase’s decision to increase USDC balances on Base underscores the platform’s commitment to innovation and efficiency in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape. 

With Base’s total locked value surpassing one billion dollars and transaction activity on the rise, the collaboration between Coinbase and Base marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more scalable, efficient, and inclusive financial ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. 

As the sector continues to mature, we expect to see further advancements and partnerships aimed at unlocking the full potential of decentralized finance.