Wine Subscriptions, Death Monitoring, Alternative Lending, and Other blockchain Initiatives

Blockchain technology remains one of the hottest trends among financial, government and commercial organizations around the world. ForkLog magazine offers an overview of the most interesting recent initiatives.

Wine service Crurated has launched subscriptions on the blockchain

On May 18, the wine service Crurated launched membership subscriptions based on the blockchain. The idea of the project is to create a community of like-minded people. The author of the project is a former Google employee Alfonso De Gaetano.

Collectors and ordinary wine connoisseurs will have access to exclusive auctions, thematic events, educational courses from leading winemakers, chats with colleagues on the shop floor and the opportunity to get closer to the industry.

The blockchain ensures the authenticity of the alcoholic product and tracks the entire supply chain, from the moment of harvest to the sale in the store or at auction. The label of each bottle is marked with a QR code, which opens access to information.

Chemical company Asahi Kasei to Test Blockchain for waste-free production

The pharmaceutical division of the Japanese chemical company Asahi Kasei, in collaboration with IBM Japan, has developed the Blue Plastic digital platform for waste-free production control. This is reported by Ledger Insights.

QR codes on pharmaceutical packaging will redirect customers to a website that will confirm that the products are made from recycled materials. The data on the blockchain will also tell you more about the recycling process and the fight for the environment.

RiskStream has created an app to track deaths in the insurance industry

The company RiskStream Collaborative has developed a blockchain-based Mortality Monitor application to combine information about the death of customers between insurance companies.

“Recipients of insurance benefits often face difficulties in the process of confirming death, going through one of the most difficult periods in their lives. We want to facilitate this experience across the industry, ” said Bill Keogh, a senior executive at RiskStream.

The initiative is designed to speed up insurance payments and simplify the process of confirming the death of a loved one.

Blockchain Startup # dltledgers Launches Alternative Lending App

Singapore-based blockchain startup # dltledgers has launched a SmartFin app for lending to medium, small and micro businesses. Firms have gained access to alternative financing based on the blockchain.

“We are confident that both borrowers and lenders will see the benefits of the growing digitalization of the financial sector,” said Farooq Siddiqui, CEO of #dltledgers.

SmartFin will reduce lending costs and increase transparency between the parties.

Polestar has implemented a blockchain to track the level of carbon dioxide emissions

Swedish automaker Polestar has signed a partnership with blockchain provider Circulor as part of the Polestar 0 program, which aims to create a fully carbon-neutral car by 2030.

The company began tracking the consumption of cobalt in the production of engines for its own electric vehicles.

Polestar chief executive Thomas Ingenlat called taking care of the environment a “key challenge” for the automaker.

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