Unstoppable Domains has expanded the horizons for Brave users

Users Brave we have gained access to more than 30 thousand decentralized websites and 700 thousand blockchain domains thanks to our partnership with Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable Domains is being merged with Brave

The provider of blockchain domains Unstoppable Domains has made an official advertisement about the partnership with the popular project Brave, which, among other things, offers users an innovative Internet browser focused on protecting privacy.

The Brave team introduced their browser in January 2016. Its features were increased anonymity and protection from annoying ads.

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Meanwhile, the startup Unstoppable Domains appeared on the market later, in 2018. This is a company that creates format domains .crypto is based on blockchain technology. Their important feature is the principle of their work. When a user purchases a domain, a non-exchangeable NFT token is issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Such an NFT gives users full ownership and absolute control over their domain. Now they can create secure, decentralized format sites .crypto, as well as make cryptocurrency transfers using the domain name instead of the long and complex address of the cryptocurrency wallet.

The project supports transactions with more than 70 cryptocurrencies and wallets on Coinbase, Litewallet, OKEx and MyEtherWallet.

Forward to Web3

As Matthew Gould, co-founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains, commented:

“Our goal is to bring three billion people to the decentralized Internet, and the partnership with Brave will bring us closer to this goal by millions of users. We see Web3 as the future of the internet, where everyone will have ownership and control over their own content.”

The alliance of the two projects will give Brave users access to more than 30 thousand decentralized websites and 700 thousand blockchain domains registered in Unstoppable Domains. All of them will be available both from desktop computers and on Android platforms.

In turn, Brian Bondi, co-founder and CTO of Brave, noted:

“Unstoppable domains is a natural choice for us. The project provides our clients with access to a decentralized network with the ability to visit any domain format .crypto. Before the users of Brave, limitless opportunities open up-from domain registration .crypto and the opening of an art NFT gallery before sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.”

An important feature of this integration is the Brave browser’s support for a decentralized network that functions separately from the traditional domain name system and services (DNS). Recently, the DNS protocol has often been criticized for a number of problems associated with it, such as centralization, censorship, as well as phishing, hacking, and DOS attacks.


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