Top 5 altcoins-growth leaders for the week of May 24-31

The editors of BeInCrypto compiled a top list of altcoins that showed the maximum increase in the week from May 24 to May 31.

These include:

  1. Decred (DCR): +51,81%
  2. Enjin Coin (ENJ): +46,74%
  3. Uniswap (UNI): +33,81%
  4. Nexo (NEXO): +32,56%
  5. Polygon (MATIC): +32,27%

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The DCR rate reached a historic high of $250 on April 16 and has been declining ever since, moving along the downward resistance line.

On May 10, the price formed a declining high and resumed its decline, eventually reaching a low of $87.57 on May 23. After that, the market turned around, heading north.

Technical indicators began to give bullish signals. The RSI index pierced the 50 mark. The MACD signaled a bullish reversal. The stochastic oscillator is ready to form a bullish intersection.

In addition, a rise above the A-wave minimum (red line) at $164.36 neutralizes the likelihood that we are dealing with a bearish impulse structure, pointing instead to a completed A-B-C structure.

Thus, the DCR rate can continue to grow at least to the downward resistance line, which passes at $200.

Source: TradingView


The ENJ exchange rate formed a historical high of $4 on April 9, after which it began to decline. On the same day, the price formed a “shooting star” candle pattern.

Further, in the process of decline, the coin moved along the line of descending resistance.

On May 23, the market marked a low of $0.73, breaking under the support area of $1.15.

However, the price quickly recovered over this area. As a result, the decline that preceded this rebound began to look like a deviation on the chart (the red circle).

In addition, technical indicators give bullish signals. In particular, this is indicated by the stochastic oscillator, which forms a bullish intersection.

Thus, the market may make a bullish breakout of the resistance line. In this case, the following resistance areas will meet the price at $1.98 and $1.75, respectively.

Source: TradingView


The UNI rate hit a low of $13 on May 23 and immediately rebounded from it. The next day, the price formed a bullish absorption candle, and on May 27, it rose to a maximum of $30.

However, the coin bounced from the Fibo 0.5 level at $29 and began to roll back.

However, the market is trying to form an increasing low and continue to grow. As long as trading is above the key support area of $17.50, the trend will remain bullish.

Source: TradingView


The NEXO exchange rate reached a low of $1.03 on May 24, but rose significantly on the same day. Soon, the price managed to recover above the $1.80 area.

During another decline, the market again tested its strength as a support on May 30 (green icon on the chart), successfully forming an increasing low.

The key resistance is located in the area of $2.57.

Source: TradingView


The MATIC rebounded on May 23 from the $0.85 support area. After that, the price continued to rise and formed a high of $2.438 on May 26. This led to a bullish breakdown of the descending resistance line.

Subsequently, MATIC made a rebound and tested this resistance line as support. There is also a support area of $1.58, formed by the Fibo level of 0.5.

Currently, the MATIC exchange rate is trying to form an increasing minimum. If it succeeds, we can expect growth to new highs.

Source: TradingView

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