The first kosher token with a crypto-protection function has appeared on the market

The kosher token JEWCoin has appeared on the market, which is positioned as a digital talisman for crypto wallets.

NFT – tokens with Torah commandments and coins against the evil eye of competitors

The kosher crypto-currency JEW Coin, created on the basis of the Binance Smart Chain, promises to attract good luck in business, reliably protect finances and ensure investment profits. The developers claim that the JEW Coin meme is resistant to scams, since 5% of each transaction is returned to the liquidity pool with a lock for 40 years.

In addition, for Jew Coin, you can buy NFT with the Torah commandments from the Old Testament. A total of 613 such NFTs will be issued, according to the number of commandments.

“A group of high-class developers and crypto experts have launched a kosher cryptocurrency on the DeFi market, with which each owner will receive a significant surge of strength, confidence, financial well-being and profitable investments. This is more than a memcoin! The Jewish crypto-amulet in the form of JewC is designed to protect crypto-wallets, ensure the effectiveness of long-term investments and give more self-confidence to all crypto-enthusiasts, ” the JEW Coin team explained.

During the first few hours of trading, the value of the token almost doubled: from $0.42 to $0.83.

Source: Panecake

Meme coins can surpass many cryptocurrencies in popularity

The crypto market is being hijacked by meme coins. They are very popular among crypto enthusiasts. Dog cryptomonets are breaking records in terms of trading volumes, and memcoin holders are making petitions in support of their favorite asset.

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Such serious projects as Yearn Finance have also joined the hype. The protocol developers have released their meme token WOOFY. With its help, the project team hopes to join the new fashion for meme coins with a dog theme.

But as the analysis of BeInCrypto shows, young meme coins can not yet compete with their leader — the Dogecoin token.

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