Gen.G Esports and Gemini Launch Joint Educational Game

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange together with Gen. G Esports present new cryptocurrency solutions for gamers

Learning effortlessly: a new initiative from Gen.G Esports and Gemini

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini has announced the launch of a joint project with Gen. G Esports, which aims to increase knowledge about cryptocurrency in the form of a computer game. On the occasion of the launch of the initiative, the organizers will hold GEMINI AMONG US — an event in the live broadcast mode, aimed at introducing viewers to the world of cryptocurrency, which will be attended by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, as well as leading streamers from the world of e-games. The participants of the broadcast will discuss the prospects for the development of the cryptocurrency market, the hype around NFT tokens, and the Winklevoss brothers will present a new credit card from Gemini, which can also be used by gamers from around the world.

“With the growth of the NFT space, the worlds of cryptography and gaming are converging faster than ever. The probability that cryptocurrency holders will have a gaming subscription is more than twice as high, so we are happy to partner with Gen.G in this event. We also explore the gaming universe and explore topics such as cryptocurrency, NFT, and how all these ecosystems intersect, ” he said. Tyler Winklevoss, CEO of Gemini.

As part of this promotion, the Gemini exchange will distribute $20 worth of bitcoins to stream viewers who will register and trade $100 worth of cryptocurrency for the first 30 days. During the live broadcast, users will also have the opportunity to chat with gamers and cryptocurrency experts via Twitch and get answers to all their questions about cryptocurrency.

“We wanted to take an approach that provided the gaming community with the right opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency and ask questions of some of the most knowledgeable people in the field. There is still a lot of misunderstanding about how this actually works, so we are launching this promotion to attract users to both the gaming and cryptocurrency communities, ” commented Arnold Hur, Chief Operating Officer of Gen. G.

Gamers choose cryptocurrency over fiat money

Cryptocurrency companies are increasingly teaming up with computer game manufacturers to implement joint promotions and projects. Crypto-processing organizations play a special role in this partnership. The mass distribution of cryptocurrencies occurs through the development of the crypto-processing industry. This trend is developing especially rapidly in the gambling industry and gambling. Crypto processing services-ready-made solutions for accepting cryptocurrencies for online stores and the service sector-also increase the popularity and practical applicability of cryptocurrency. For 2020, the service’s turnover increased from 250 million to 1 billion euros.

“The future of crypto-processing is in the global gambling market. Online casinos, betting platforms, esports, etc. — in the next five years, their share among transactions in cryptocurrencies will be from $5 to $16 billion. And this is under the most modest scenario of the development of the industry. The optimistic forecast is from $15 to $48 billion. Where do these numbers come from? The global iGaming market was estimated at $55 billion in 2019; it is growing by 16.5% annually. By 2026, the capitalization of iGaming will reach $160 billion. According to the restrained scenario, crypto transactions will account for about 10% of the iGaming market, according to the optimistic scenario-up to 30%, ” says Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid, one of the areas of activity of which is the service

According to the expert, the cryptocurrency makes life much easier for gambling platforms, which have problems accepting payments through existing channels. Even with all the permits and licenses, such a business is regarded by financial organizations as high-risk, and this leads to higher transaction fees.


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