Elon Musk’s rocket will deliver an NFT platform to the moon

WISeKey, an Internet of Things (IoT) company, will launch the first part of the non-fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in June 2021

More precisely, the launch of the Satellite PocketPod deployment system developed by FOSSA Systems will take place on board. The WISeKey device is located on the outer part of the deployment system and will be in open space for several weeks. Thus, this episode will be the first case of demonstrating the work of the WISeSat ecosystem in space.

WISeKey plans to launch the first prototype satellites of its global constellation WISeSat in December 2021. Thanks to this constellation, WISeKey will be able to directly connect satellites to IoT devices for NFT authentication.

WISeKey Plans

The NFT ecosystem will run on the INeS WISeKey platform. It uses cryptographic algorithms to issue, manage, and validate digital credentials for IoT devices, and is capable of supporting environments for hundreds of millions of devices.

WISeKey intends to offer this technology to its IoT customers in a SaaS (SOFTWARE as a Service) model. The press release says that in this way, companies wishing to securely connect their assets will be able to use remote backup urban communication channels for IoT.

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By connecting devices and applications through the cloud, INeS is able to remotely identify credentials and monitor activation, deactivation, revocation, update, and secure provisioning. The solution can be used for industrial purposes.

For example, it will allow you to perform predictive maintenance of equipment and machines, create smart homes with connected devices, or provide communication between devices, including autonomous vehicles.

WISeKey’s collaboration with FOSSA

WISeKey invested in the FOSSA Systems collaboration earlier this year. They integrated the FOSSA satellite technology into their IoT platform. The creation and deployment of the WISeSaT PocketQube satellite will provide connectivity to all IoT sectors.

The WISeSat satellite will be a FOSSASAT-2E with enhanced IoT security, which will reduce the cost of their production. In addition, FOSSA is launching this satellite deployment system to make it easier to put future FOSSASAT-2E constellations into orbit.


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