BSC Station makes life easier for DeFi and NFT market participants

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One of the main problems of the market for DeFi and NFT platforms is the lack of practical and useful services for customers. In addition, it is still very difficult to find projects that would be customer-oriented and at the same time work on the basis of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

Market participants do not only dream of a fast network with low fees. They need applications that are as optimized as possible, transparent, and simple, clear, and easy to use. After all, what’s the point of being a member of the leading platform of the most promising blockchain ecosystem if you can’t fully enjoy all its benefits?

The BSC Station platform aims to solve this problem. It is trying to become the key link that will provide an important competitive advantage to the network created by one of the leading exchanges.

Introduction to BSC Station

The goal of BSC Station (BSCS) is to build a comprehensive ecosystem of decentralized finance based on the BSC blockchain (DeFi) with NFT auctions.

BSCS allows users to access DeFi platforms easily, securely, and at the lowest cost. In addition, it is the most convenient bridge between users and applications presented on the Binance Smart Chain and other blockchain protocols.

When sharing profits, the platform relies on the principles of the sharing economy, or the economy of shared consumption. This allows us to offer better liquidity services and services in the liquidity mining segment to crypto traders and farmers. Users provide liquidity to the market and receive passive income in platform tokens (BSCS) for this.

The BSC Startpool service was developed for NFT market participants. With it, projects can distribute their tokens to a wider audience. In addition, cryptocurrency investors and users can earn high profits in new tokens. This is an innovative solution that gives advantages to both users and crypto projects.

Arsenal BSCS

BSC NFT Station SDK and Auctions

The Software Development Kit (SDK) standardizes all NFT assets for the “Auction” functionality, one of the distinctive features of the BSC Station platform. The SDK offers an accessible set of tools, rules, and documentation, ensuring that auctions are conducted fairly, fairly, and efficiently for both buyers and sellers.

BSC Smart Security (BSCSS)

BSCSS are smart contracts that provide protection for payment systems of marketplaces based on the BSC protocol. They are designed to make it easier and safer to buy and sell NFT products and services.

Encryption algorithm

Smart contracts of the BSC NFT protocols use a unique cryptographic algorithm that encrypts all applications and guarantees their protection, ensuring that the encoded information cannot be changed or canceled.

Contracts with fixed the price

Fixed prices can refer to either swaps with a payment based on a constant interest rate, or to an agreed price that is not subject to change under normal circumstances.

NFT holders can sell their tokens on the blockchain in the form of pending orders.

In addition, the fees on the Binance Smart Chain compare favorably with the fees on the Ethereum blockchain.

BSCS is a platform management token. Token holders have a number of privileges, including liquidity mining, commission distribution in the BSCS Launchpool, and other types of profit sharing within the BSC Station ecosystem. All this allows users to increase the size of their income.

Overall, the Binance Smart Chain Station project aims to offer maximum benefits to Binance Smart Chain customers by creating an easy-to-use community ecosystem.

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