Apple and Berkshire Hathaway retained the status of blockchain skeptics

Apple and Berkshire Hathaway are the only companies in the top 10 of the Forbes rating that have not succumbed to blockchain

IT giant Apple and major asset manager Berkshire Hathaway were the only blockchain skeptics in the top 10 companies. This is reported by Forbes, which compiled a list of 2000 public companies.

It is noted that half of the top ten companies in the list are also represented in the list of 50 blockchain companies from Forbes. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was again in the first place. Moreover, the Chinese bank has already developed 30 blockchain applications that track health insurance, charitable donations, and more.

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At the same time, Apple’s only contribution to the blockchain industry was a patent and registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Recall that in February 2016, Apple registered a patent on the blockchain for the use of “stamping” digital documents. According to the patent description, the technology allows you to more accurately track the movement of documents and helps prevent fraud.

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In 2019, Apple filed a report with the SEC detailing its “support” for developing blockchain guidelines for the nonprofit business alliance. Since then, the California corporation has not moved publicly in the development of the blockchain one step.

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If Apple is slowly, but still traces the activity in the blockchain segment, then Berkshire Hathaway went a radically different way. For example, the chapter Berkshire Warren Buffett has already called bitcoin “rat poison squared”. Moreover, in May of this year, the vice-chairman of the fund, Charles Munger, said that he “hates” the success of bitcoin. He also added that bitcoin ” contradicts the interests of civilization.”

Many large global companies have already evaluated the effectiveness of transferring business processes to the blockchain. However, Berkshire and Apple are not among them. According to Forbes, companies have become so huge that the only way to maintain their position is to adhere to the old business policy.

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